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Latest UFO News 2014

Aliens ET Presence Treatens Terrestrial Elites 93014


New York UFO News 2014: Aliens ET Presence Threatens Terrestrial Elite: 

An ET Presence Threatens Terrestrial Elites, But Not Our Planet’s People.
Joseph Burkes MD
The following is a position paper first posted sixteen years ago that explained the rationale behind what is popularly known as “the UFO truth embargo.” In 1997 I called for “the creation of a citizen network to challenge the existing regimen of secrecy and denial.”

The link below will take your to the newly opened web site of The Foundation For Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)
Contact Underground's photo.
Contact Underground's photo.

UFO Alien Confessions of a Ex Military Advisor 93014


New York UFO News 2014: UFO Aliens Confessions of a Ex Military advisor  This video interview was displayed as part of the Citizen Hearing held April 30 - May 3, 2013, about ET disclosure and the cover up. This hearing was held in Washington, in front of six former US congressmen and congresswomen, as well as a US senator. More about it:

UFO Aliens Extraterrestrial Messages 92714


New york UFO News 2014: UFO Aliens Extraterrestrial Messages

Drawing on over three decades of experience in this field, Richard Lawrence discusses UFO Flying saucers and Alien close encounters, 'X-Files, cover-ups and downright lies', Extraterrestrial beings in ancient records and religions, Life in a multi-dimensional universe and the mediumship of UFO Alien contactee Dr George King - "Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel"

As Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe and a highly respected spiritual teacher in his own right, Richard goes beyond the "nuts and bolts" approach to this topic by examining its profound mystical implications.

He explains why he believes that we are living through the most important period in our history and how cooperation with our extraterrestrial visitors will be the key to a New Age of peace and enlightenment on Earth. A highlight will be extracts of cosmic transmissions - communications channeled through Dr King (1919 - 1997) by interplanetary intelligences.

Richard Lawrence presented "UFOs and the Extra-terrestrial Message" on Sunday August 7th, 2011 at the 3rd Annual British Exopolitics Expo at the University of Leeds..Source: Special Thanks to Frank Stalter                    

UFO Sightings In Our Skies 92714


New York UFO News 2014: UFO sightings near airplanes and inside our air space provide some of the best UFO footage ever seen. With an apparent interest in our aviation technologies, these airborne alien encounters can sometimes turn into tragic disasters. As the number of UFO sightings near commercial and military aircraft increases, what is the purpose of this surveillance and should more serious attention be afforded for what seems to be catastrophically close encounters in the sky? Footage includes stunning helicopter camera captures of UFOs flying low over downtown areas, a missile destroying an unknown alien orb, an amazing formation of shimmering UFOs in California, and a close encounter on the high seas near Spain. UFO activity is increasingly more prevalent near our global air transportation infrastructure and military aircraft. Are all of these sightings just top secret military craft? Or is it possible that even just one of them is not a vehicle of human design - then can we as a people truly say that these are "our skies" anymore?


New UFO Sightings Video Captured Over Chemtrails 92514


New York UFO News 2014: The Following UFO Video description reads as follows: 09/12/14 - I was on a yacht with a friend. We were sailing together, enjoying the beautiful blue sky in Normandy. I was watching a huge Chemtrail and some nice clouds while taking a sunbath, when my attention got turned away by something else (I don't remember). I stopped watching the sky for some minutes. When I stared at the sky again, I slowly noticed some strange little dots of light near the huge Chemtrail. As always, I got my iPhone in my pocket :-) So I immediately took it and recorded what I could. After checking on my PC screen, I counted seven white UFO objects slowly descending inside the trail, and also disappearing behind it. It seems the huge orb is a mother ship "leading" the fleet.


Controlling The UFO Alien Situation 92414


New York UFO News 2014: 

A Frightening Thought for Those who Imagine They Control the UFO Situation.
Source Article: Special Thanks to Joseph Burkes MD.


In response to my posting the eco-conscious Jefferson Airplane song “Have you seen the Saucers,” a sobering downbeat analysis of the current situation was offered. I interpreted his observations as follows. Despite hundreds of thousands of people marching, the protests against policies driving global warming will be ignored by the masses. This is certainly likely in the short run because the ability to distract people with effective media control is ongoing and highly successful. The commenter also suggested the same is true for UFO experiencers who have been so effectively discredited by the mass media.


One of the advantages of being a contactee of sorts (I truly question the ET hypothesis but believe I’m in communication with something called UFO intelligence) is that I am interacting with a force that is so subtle and unpredictable. This relationship constantly challenges me to question more conventional ways of looking at this problem. 


Try to put yourself in the shoes of the so-called UFO "control groups." I imagine they are incredibly rich and powerful corporate based clandestine cells that probably feel it is their duty to keep a lid on the UFO situation. Ten percent of the population has had a sighting, This estimate is robust and in my experience they are likely “ staged” events strongly suggesting to me that a mental link is present even in what is called a “random sighting. “

What happens to the “house of cards” that I believe is the UFO secrecy regimen, if the percentage goes up, say to 20 percent? This could easily include many repeat sightings for individuals alerting them that some kind of personal relationship has been established with UFOs. Under these conditions millions of people are having not just sightings, but perhaps also mental messages to go outside and watch the visual displays that we call "sightings." 

What happens if these UFO witnesses break the "code of silence" and call their friends and relatives to watch? Maybe even a few hearty souls ask to be taken aboard and come home with stories that are not fully discredited because their shear numbers are overwhelming. The analysis that “nothing is changing” nor can it change goes out the door. 

Just a thought, but a highly subversive one that I suspect makes some members of control groups concerned, maybe even a little bit frightened.

UFO Aliens Should We Have Personal Contact? 92114


New York UFO News 2014: 

What about the Russians? What about the Aliens?
Joseph Burkes MD 2014

I have been privileged to dialog with the prominent researcher Richard Dolan on several recent Contact Underground blogs.
Here is my response to the concerns he and others have raised about the wisdom of going out into the field and attempting to make contact with flying saucers.


Thirty years ago I was in the doctors’ peace movement during the height of the cold war. Those who were opposed to nuclear arms control and god forbid nuclear disarmament were forever saying "what about the Russians?" It was ‘understood” that we Americans wanted peace, but according to many political conservatives how could the USA negotiate with a system that was a “closed society, so undemocratic and expansionistic” like the USSR.

A popular notion among the right wing was that the Soviet Union would have to change before we could give concessions as part of any negotiations. In my opinion those hawks ignored the fact that the Soviets knew the ravages of war, twenty million dead in WWII, and their weaker civilian economy suffered more by military programs that tried to keep up with arms production of the more powerful and vibrant US economic system.


Now we have an unknown entity called "ETs." The idea being put forward by prominent researchers is that they might be evil, or some good and some evil. Yes they are forcibly interacting with many people at the psychic level. Even though according to Dr John Mack, we don't truly understand exactly what an "abduction" is. A large section of the UFO community has decided that these strange interactions are essentially physical events and therefore “criminal” in nature.


Conflict appears to be major part of our relationship with the so-called “aliens” and there is a kind of cold war going on with them. What appear to be ET craft have been fired upon for violating terrestrial "air space."

Governments lie about the UFO presence and defense contractors reportedly have been back engineering ET technology to prepare for what many observers fear will be a new arms race in space.


Using rudimentary psi techniques a multitude of limited interactions have occurred between flying saucers and networks of ordinary citizens. We go out at night and signal at anomalous structured objects that fit the definition of true UFOs. Peruvians starting Rama in 1974 spread this campaign, quietly all across the Spanish speaking world and the more outspoken CSETI, and its offshoots, are operating in North America, Europe and Australia.

Contact activists are being advised that they should not directly engage the aliens because some might be bad, but contact networks have already been doing exactly that for over forty years with no ill effects. Some leaders like Sixto Paz Wells and several dozen of his present and former associates claim to have had face-to-face encounters with aliens. These experiences have reportedly transpired during encounters that humans have initiated themselves!

The peaceful and cooperative nature of these interactions is viewed with suspicion because some people say, “we don't know what the UFOs’ true agenda is.” But how in heavens are we going to know what their agenda is unless we engage them, not as children who wake up with dreams of good or bad aliens, but rather as conscious intelligent adults who put aside some of our fears and are going out to meet them.


In my opinion this is truly all about fear. Fear of the Russians, fear of the aliens, fear of what I like to call TOTENCET (pronounced,” toe ten set”) an acronym for This Otherness That Experiencers Now Call ET. By going out into the field with the support of our fellow humans and given the history of safe interactions described above, we can become empowered to advance human knowledge in this important arena. Thus it is my firm conviction that we will never get a grip on this phenomenon unless we directly engage the so-called aliens, at least initially on their terms.


But what about all the “new age” type of beliefs so prevalent in contactee networks? Well if my fellow contact activists sing sweet songs of alien friendship and that offends skeptical investigators, I can understand their discomfort. I was trained in western materialist science and consider myself rather agnostic towards religious beliefs.

But after 22 years of willfully going out at night and repeatedly engaging UFOs that signal at us and stage other types of interactions, I am confident that methods being employed are truly working.

Conducting real time research by initiating contact protocols is so important that it is worth the price of feeling uncomfortable because some contact activists are quite passionate in their expression of solidarity with a mysterious intelligence that I suspect humanity is just beginning to comprehend.


In summary I invite all seekers of UFO truth to be open to the possibility of our learning more about this amazing phenomenon by directly engaging UFO intelligence on its own terms. To paraphrase a German 19th century historian, the role of all previous flying saucer researchers has been to study UFO history. The point is to change it!

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