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                                                          UFO SIGHTINGS|UFO NEWS 2014

New York UFO Search For The Truth Of Alleged UFO Sightings Being Reported Worldwide:


Latest UFO News 2014 Featured Video

UFO Sightings In Our Skies 112214


New York UFO Sightings News 2014 :This UFO Sightings video comes to Us From Publisher Suspect Skies the following description reads as follows:  UFO sightings near airplanes and inside our air space provide some of the best UFO footage ever seen. With an apparent interest in our aviation technologies, these airborne alien encounters can sometimes turn into tragic disasters. As the number of UFO sightings near commercial and military aircraft increases, what is the purpose of this surveillance and should more serious attention be afforded for what seems to be catastrophically close encounters in the sky? Footage includes stunning helicopter camera captures of UFOs flying low over downtown areas, a missile destroying an unknown alien orb, an amazing formation of shimmering UFOs in California, and a close encounter on the high seas near Spain. UFO activity is increasingly more prevalent near our global air transportation infrastructure and military aircraft. Are all of these sightings just top secret military craft? Or is it possible that even just one of them is not a vehicle of human design - then can we as a people truly say that these are "our skies" anymore?

Huge UFO Sighting Behind Saturn 112214


New York UFO News Sightings 2014: Huge UFO  Sighting Behind the planet Saturn Today, the YouTube site, SecureTeam received this video and testimony from one "Ken," claiming to work as a "US Government astronomer," at an agency that he would not identify, except to say that he worked at one of the observatories on Mauna Kea, in Hawaii. While investigating unprecedented major storm activity on the far-flung planet Uranus, he claims to have unexpectedly discovered a celestial body that is tremendous in size and which he claims is currently in the process of entering the Outer Solar System. He'd previously observed what appeared to be perturbations the magnetic fields surrounding both Uranus and Saturn. He demonstrates how when he went to investigate distortions enveloping the ringed gas giant, Saturn and enhanced the telescope's photograph, he was thunderstruck, when a massive celestial body, much larger than either Saturn or Jupiter was revealed. This body may be the long-sought-after brown dwarf companion to our Sun, theorized to exist by several respected astronomy professors, such as University of California, Berkeley's Dr. Richard Muller and Dr. Luis Alvarez, University of Louisiana's Dr. Daniel Whitmire and New York University's Dr. Michael Rampino, among many others. It's sometimes called "Nemesis," due to its hypothesized role in dislocating the orbits of comets and asteroids, which have led to major impact events on Earth, causing mini Ice Ages and major mass extinction events in the past. NASA's Earth-orbiting Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Telescope ("WISE Mission"), launched in December 2009, and placed in hibernation in February 2011 would have been able to detect "Nemesis," aka "Planet X" if this ominous celestial body were as close as "Ken" appears to suggest but to the chagrin of the above mentioned university professors, NASA claimed to have searched for the elusive brown dwarf but denied detecting it, prior to putting the telescope into "hibernation." Brown dwarfs are speculated to be more numerous than stars because they do not give off light light or much in the way of heat, as most maintain the temperature of a cup of tea. This would make them exceedingly difficult to detect, until they are right up on you, I suspect. Many, such as former CNN Science Features Producer, Marshall Masters speculate that NASA has been withholding information about the approach of a large "Red Planet" i.e. "Planet X," i.e., "Hercolubus" a.k.a. "Barnard's Star," which is apparently part of the star system of Tylo, which interacts with our own and that this large celestial "UFO" object has been visible to the naked eye, from bases in Antarctica for a few years, already. So many names, so many theories but underlying all of them is that its brush with our Solar System will be catastrophic, and be the cause of the end of our Age, clearing the way for a new Epoch. The disruptions to the Earth would be so overwhelming and beyond the control of any government, that all information about its imminent effects are being suppressed, which may be the reason why astronomer, "Ken" claims here, that he could be "arrested or lose his job" for sharing these images, which he says he captured from his work station with his cellphone camera, as all activities on the computer network at his observatory are heavily monitored. This same "UFO" object may or may not correspond to what some people believe to be the "planetoid Nibiru," referred to in ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts and myth and popularized in the 20th century, by controversial author, Zechariah Sitchin. According to Sitchin, Nibiru is a planetoid with a highly-elliptical 3,600-year orbit around the Sun. More importantly, Nibiru is the home of the extraterrestrial civilization of the Annunaki, who originally hybridized the human race (Homo sapiens) by splicing the DNA of Homo Erectus with some of their own DNA, to create a slave race to mine gold for them, some 500,000 years ago. Allegedly, every time their planetoid makes a close approach to Earth, the Annunaki cause mayhem for their creations. On Sitchin's part, Nibiru is not scheduled to make its next approach to Earth for another 600 years or so. SecureTeam promises that there will be a "Part 2" to "Ken's" alleged expose' - but it doesn't necessarily endorse its veracity, exhorting to viewers: "You decide."

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