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Latest UFO News 2014 Featured Video

Lost Cosmonaut Breaks Silence on UFO Aliens 101914


New York UFO News 2014: Lost Russian Cosmonaut Breaks Silence About UFO Aliens: 

The cosmonaut suggests that Alien UFO's refuel by gathering in the upper atmosphere above lightning storms. He claims that you can find 200 or so UFO's gathered above a storm at a time. He goes on to explain that Alien UFO's are entering our dimension through portals they create using microwave or magnetic energies. He has had several encounters with aliens races and says there are some good alien races and there are some bad. He also suggests they are trying to tell us that humans have capabilities that we don't know about. Lost Cosmonauts, or Phantom Cosmonauts, is a conspiracy theory alleging that Soviet cosmonauts entered outer space, but without their existence having been acknowledged by either the Soviet or Russian space authorities. Proponents of the Lost Cosmonauts theory concede that Yuri Gagarin was the first man to survive human spaceflight, but claim that the Soviet Union attempted to launch two or more manned space flights prior to Gagarin's, and that at least two cosmonauts died in the attempts. Another cosmonaut, Vladimir Ilyushin, is believed to have landed off-course and been held by the Chinese government. The Government of the Soviet Union supposedly suppressed this information, to prevent bad publicity during the height of the Cold War. The evidence cited to support Lost Cosmonaut theories is generally not regarded as conclusive, and several cases have been confirmed as hoaxes. In the 1980s, American journalist James Oberg researched space-related disasters in the Soviet Union, but found no evidence of these Lost Cosmonauts. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, much previously restricted information is now available, including on Valentin Bondarenko, a would-be cosmonaut whose death during training on Earth was covered up by the Soviet government. Even with the availability of published Soviet archival material and memoirs of Russian space pioneers, no hard evidence has emerged to support the Lost Cosmonaut stories.


Hollywood Florida UFO Sightings Reported 101914


New York UFO News Sightings 2014: The following UFO Sighting report comes to us from the CMS MUFON case files

Was sitting outside having coffee and the wind picked with a force twice in a row, as if there were a storm brewing but not much for clouds in the sky. I noticed what looked like a plastic bag floating in the air high up as with what happens in the city sometimes, wouldn't be the first I see that. Then I noticed something else that seemed to flicker, I followed that until I couldn't see it anymore and just kept looking around in the sky and that's when I saw the first object floating around. I have airplane paths above my house since I am so close to the international airport here and have lived in this house for 20 years, I know what a plane looks like and what I saw today was no plastic bag, no airplane, no balloons. Ok so I was watching the "UFO" object that appeared to flash every so often and in total awe of this I just kept watching, just then my mother and her fiance came home and I kept my eye on it, as soon as she got out of the car the second one appeared. I told her to come quick so she could see it, she did see the one nearest a small cloud passing by but couldn't see the other one. So she picked up my brother and left. No more than 30 seconds after she had pulled away in her car there came 6 flashing/shiny/flickering "UFO" objects, they drifted from east to west then hovered for a few minutes as they seemed to mingle in the sky with each other, 3 of them were a bit faded to see than the other 3 which were very clear to see, then they drifted back off to the east as the 3 dimmer "UFO" objects seemed to vanish into thin air, the other 3 that I could still see seemed to stop again and hovered without much motion and eventually faded into thin air. I had always hoped to see a cluster of UFOs and today was that day. I wanted so badly to grab my camera but was afraid I would miss seeing it for myself. After they faded off I did go grab my camera and hoped to catch a glimps  of them again. The photos I have are shot blindly into the sky, they were so small and it was very bright out today. These are 2 "UFO" objects seen later at different times. The video I took blindly shows from what I was able to note, at 9, 25 & 28 seconds into the video, again this video was taken after the 6 "UFO" objects were seen. 

Walter Cronkite's UFO Sightings 101914


New York UFO News 2014: Walter Cronkite's See's UFO Destroy Missile & Freeze Military Personnel

Cronkite mentioned that he and the other reporters had been warned that photography of the missile test and any audio transmissions or recordings by the press were forbidden. They would have to give a written account of the event. Just as the test was ready to proceed, everyone was writing as fast as they could. As Air Force Security personnel walked around the perimeter of the test area with guard dogs and the news reporters watched, the missile was fired-up and about to be released. Just then, a large disc-type UFO appeared on the scene. Continue to read article Walter Cronkite UFO sightings here

Hybrid "Alien" Humaniod found in Peru 101814


New York UFO News 2014: Anatomy expert opinion of Human Hybrid "Alien" skeleton found in Peru: Brien Foerster says I have made several videos about the small Huayqui skeleton located near Cusco Peru that confounds medical professionals. In this video Stephen Mehler, who has a degree in anatomy, gives his opinion on what he is looking at.  In a second video Many medical professionals have seen, in person, a very strange skeleton in the museum in Andahuaylillas, near Cusco in Peru. It died about 900 years ago, of unknown causes. The big question is, why does it have such an enormous cone shaped head. In this 2nd video, a nurse from Australia gives her professional opinion.


UFO Sightings Video Arizona Indiana England 101814


New York UFO News Sightings 2014:  On today's program Darin Crapo examines UFO Sightings submitted by viewers in Tucson, Arizona; Shropshire, England; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Seattle, Washington and a telephone pole in an unknown location. Flash back to June 2014 and missed submissions.


UFO sightings 2014 caught on Video 101714


New York UFO News 2014: UFO Sightings caught on Video here we have a UFO Video compilation of various UFO Sightings from around the world.


Latest New UFO sightings from ISS UK US Canada 101614


New York UFO News 2014: Latest New UFO sightings Darin Crapo examines UFO Sightings from the ISS, the United Kingdom, Australia, East Los Angeles, California, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and Manchester, England.



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