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Latest UFO News 2014

Latest New UFO sightings Lithuania 91414


New York UFO News 2014: Latest New UFO sightings over Lithuania The following video description reads as follows:  This amazing video shows a UFO triangle formation staying stationary while 2 UFO orbs leave a forest and ascend towards the huge triangle while one shoots beams of light to the ground like a weapon being used while traveling to the formation. Its totally unusual to see such activity in any sky and to witness this is something else. Whatever the beam of light was and where it hit would be a great story if ever investigated as it was aimed at something! Animal cottage car or something military we will not know! The huge dark UFO triangle with lights pointed at each corner keeps its position and adds to this credible footage as it shows the UFO objects heading towards it fast enough.

Why Are We Fascinated With UFO Images? 91414


New York UFO News 2014:

Joseph Burkes MD 2014

I struggle to understand our fascination with the visual. From a neurological point of view, more than any other sense, vision involves more parts of the brain. As a race of beings evolved from apes, hand eye coordination was essential for survival. Seeing is believing and visa versa.

I suspect part of the fascination is also based on the wish dream that there might be one piece of factual visual information, say a video that captures an irrefutable alien craft that will serve as the proverbial "smoking gun." Then countless UFO fans could proudly announce to friends and relatives that " I told you so."

This is so unlikely because in my opinion the intelligence behind the phenomenon and less importantly the combined power of our planet's elites are opposed to such an event in which a “smoking gun,” is obtained. Still UFO fans dream on.

UFO Photo 2014 

Why Science Can't Unravel UFO Mystery 91314


New York UFO News 2014: 

Joseph Burkes MD 2014

Why Traditional Science Can’t Unravel the UFO Mystery.
What about trying an Intelligence Counter-intelligence model?

This issue of UFOs is extremely complex and as the late great John Keel has advised us we can only get a handle on flying saucers by approaching the subject from multiple points of view. The MUFON approach is logical, the problem is that the intelligence behind the phenomenon deliberately stages its interactions with us to produce absurdity.

In Dr Vallee's "The Invisible College" he describes this aspect as part of what he has labeled the “triple cover-up.” One component of the cover-up is that UFO intelligence doesn't want to play by our rules. This is why science, as powerful a tool that it is to examine the physical world, is not an adequate paradigm to study a force that is likely not only smarter than any professional scientist reckless enough to attempt to study them, but is also very possibly older than mankind. John Keel repeatedly asserted the radical notion that UFOs have been with us since before we emerged from the caves and forests some 10,000 years ago.

I like to call UFO intelligence TOTENCET. (This Otherness That Experiencers Now Call ET.) It is pronounced, "toe ten set." This acronym suggests we don't truly know what UFO intelligence is other than they are not us. The “N” for the word "Now" indicates that as Dr Vallee has speculated they have taken different forms in different historic periods and may be linked to the establishment of all religions throughout history.

If this is true, or if the "authorities" accept it as even likely, those on the top are not going to proceed with any serious open investigation of the problem because it will destabilize the society ruled by them, the power elites.

Thus a large and well established group like MUFON, with all its talent, determination and experience is not likely to get very far using traditional scientific approaches. I prefer the Intelligence Counter Intelligence model and I hope to modify Val Germann's thesis from two decades ago to outline a very radical approach. I hope to post more on this theme later this month.

For those who are curious about Mr. Germann’s bold paradigm that like most important ideas in UFOlogy are sadly ignored, please be aware of the following links.

Roswell UFO Aliens Remote Viewing 91314


New York UFO News 2014: Roswell UFO Aliens Remote Viewing  "William E. Jones is a long-time Battelle Memorial Institute executive. He is also an Ohio-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigator. He states that in the 1990s he had received a report on Roswell from an individual whom he trusts implicitly whose name Jones wishes to keep confidential. The source is described by Jones as objective, science-oriented and well respected in the RV community." Read More Source UFO Iconoclast

UFO Aliens Travis Walton Shares New Revelations 91314


New York UFO News 2014: UFO Alien Travis Walton Hares New abduction Revelations Recently Travis Walton, whose alleged alien abduction was portrayed in the movie Fire in the Sky, revealed a new theory on why his abduction happened. Walton sat down with Open Minds and gave this compelling follow-up interview.

Latest UFO sightings New York North Carolina & More 91214


New York UFO News 2014: Latest UFO Sightings reported Pyramid Photographed during the Apollo 12 Mission to the moon, 10 Red Orb UFOs Sighted over North Carolina, UFO Aliens base discovered under the Pacific Ocean, A Chupacabra found dead in Mexico,UFO Sightings caught on St.Louis News, Queens New York UFO, La Crosse Wisconsin UFO Sightings 2014.


Latest UFO Sightings Over New Jersey 91014


New York UFO News 2014: Latest UFO Sightings Reported Over New Jersey The UFO that was sighted was Diamond shaped and concave along it's bottom part. The UFO witness states that the back of the UFO almost looked like something out of a movie like it would have had engines on the back of the craft but instead it wasn't moving in the direction the engines were facing. I was able to see this UFO object for about a full minute and a half to notice it had what appeared to me like glass area in the front side for observation. there happen to be no sound coming from the UFO however where the witness lives is a very high commercial airline traffic area. The witness states also that the UFO must have been picked up on radar. The witness uploaded three images with the MUFON report: Image 1, Image 2 and Image 3; and one illustration of what the object looked like.

 New Jersey UFO Sightings photo 91014

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