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September 2015 Italy UFO Sighting Video

UFO Alien ET Contact Experience Diary 10715


UFO Sightings|UFO News|UFO Video

UFO Alien ET Contact Experience Diary 

Notes from MY DIARY: June 1, 2013 
MY NEIGHBOR & HER ENTIRE FAMILY HAVE HAD NUMEROUS ET CONTACT EXPERIENCES (Picture is from Becky Andreasson) credit Reinerio Hernandez FREE

Today, yet another Synchronicity occurred. It did not freak me out because I have become accustomed to having “weird” things happen over the last 12 months. Let me tell you the story. The incident, once again, validates that my family and I are not having mental problems, that the ET being in our living room witnessed by my wife and I was not a fantasy, that all of the 5 witnesses, including my daughter and I, who saw that 300 foot long craft next to our house, and the 8 witnesses who observed the huge craft while driving in Veracruz with my wife are not suffering from mass hysteria or mass hallucination.

As discussed earlier, my house is on a cul-de-sac that is U shaped and has 4 houses in it. On August 25th of 2012, my daughter, I, two adult friends and their 17 year old daughter saw for 45 minutes a giant ship which later displayed an enormous “4th of July” light show display for our benefit ,about 5 feet on top of our next door neighbor’s roof. (“The UFO house”) This football stadium size craft was less than 30 feet away from us for over 45 minutes.

Close by to our house (I can not disclose the location but this house is very close to the “UFO house”) where a middle age couple lives. The female neighbor is an avid gardener and is always seen with tie-dyed, peace sign, or tai chi T shirts, etc and she would have fit perfectly in Berkeley, CA where I lived for 7 years from 1981 to 1988. I am 56 years old (Note: now 59) and I would estimate that she is about the same age as I am. We frequently chat about palms, butterflies, and gardening-- we have a lot in common.

Today, my new puppy dog, BENJI, escaped and my neighbor saw me trying to chase him down. She helped to capture him. I do not know what got into me but I told her about the huge UFO craft that I, my daughter, and 3 others saw next to my house.

What followed was a mind blowing conversation that lasted approximately 1 hour. We did not discuss details. It was boom, boom, one topic after another. She told me that she has also had ET contact since she was a child, has seen many crafts, and has been on board ships and these were all “conscious recollections”. She mentioned that her husband, father and 2 kids have also had ET Contact. She then told me some of her experiences, and then I told her some of mine and we took turns for about 1 hour when we agreed to continue our discussions.

She informed me of the following:

1. She has NOT been hypnotized-- all of her memories are “Conscious” 3D memories.

2. She has seen many UFO crafts, large and small, and many floating orbs, since she was little. Her first memory was when she was about 8 years old when both she and her father both saw a large UFO craft close up. The next day, both she and her father had small scoop marks in the same place on their arms.

3. She has had missing time.

4. She has had numerous “abductions” by ETs

5. She has seen various types of ETs. We specifically discussed one encounter and for this one time she described them as short and green, the classic greys but green colored.

6. She was shown her hybrid children by these ETs.

7. One time she told her ETs that they can do with her what they want but not to get her kids. The ETs then complied with her request and since that date her children were not “taken”.

8. She told me that she purposely does not read or listen to any internet/Youtube to learn more about this phenomenon. She just mentioned watching "Ancient Aliens". She did not want to reexamine her ET experiences. She has not had many “experiences” for many years and does not want to discuss them. She has not told anyone of her experiences, not even her siblings. Same with her husband and kids-- they have told no one else. I was the first that she and her husband have told of these experiences.

9. After many years, she now feels more comfortable and is not as traumatized.

10. She does not believe that they are "evil" but mentioned that the ETs are "spiritual" beings. Even after her initial trauma, she says that overall almost all of her experiences were positive. We did not discuss details because of time limitations.

11. She also had a Near Death Experience (NDE) when she was young and briefly described it.

12. She also had scoop marks on her abdomen near or on her belly button. She KNOWS she has had ET involvement with her reproductive organs.

Once again, we did not discuss details. It was a quick moving conversation hitting on highlights from both her and my experiences. We exchanged emails and I told her that I would be sending her various documents that I had prepared about my experiences.

2 days later I caught her mowing her lawn with an edger and she told me she had read my attached email documents and that she decided to write up her own experiences. I told her that it is very therapeutic. We stated that we will continue to communicate and work together.

I also spoke with her husband a few days later and he confirmed everything. He either is asleep most of the time or he sees a bright flash of light and then gets knocked out. All of this kids and his wife's father have discussed all of their detailed ET contact experiences with. He is a very successful businessman and the family is very well off financially. Both kids are MENSA kids and in college.

Several days later I knocked on her door and told her that I will be visiting Dr. Edgar Mitchell in a few days. She accepted the offer. I called Edgar and asked if it was fine if I bring a friend with me and she approved my request. We took many pictures together with Edgar at his home. She told Edgar that she was an Experiencer but she did not want to tell Edgar her details. Edgar did not press her for details.

In summary, this recent experience was really freaky. Very, very close to each other are 2 families with MAJOR contact experiences. What are the statistical probabilities of this happening? I personally believe that it is common but individuals are still "hiding in the closet" of ridicule. In time, the entire neighborhood can share their ET Contact and UFO experiences.

Reinerio Hernandezs Alien photo.

Bright UFO Sighted Pulsating over North Carolina 10715


UFO Sightings|UFO News|UFO Video

Bright UFO Sighted Pulsating over North Carolina 

The UFO Video description reads as follows: Jake Morphonios

In the early morning hours of September 19th, 2015 - at approximately 3:15 am EST, I laid down in my bed to try to go to sleep. Through the slits in the mini-blinds that cover one of my bedroom windows, I could see what appeared to be an exceptionally bright star in the sky. I watched it for a few minutes and noticed that it looked like it was moving around, so I got up and opened my blinds so I could get a better look.

The "UFO" object was very high in the eastern sky, about 4-5 palm widths above my neighbor's house across the street. Looking at the "UFO" object through my window, I easily ruled out that it was a star or an airplane. I knew it couldn't be a satellite because of how it was moving around. The only other thing I could think of was that it might be a helicopter. But given its distance away and height in the sky, I didn't see how that was possible.

Knowing that I was witnessing something strange, I ran downstairs, grabbed my video camera and went out to my driveway to film the "UFO" object. I watched it for over 1/2 an hour. I'm certain that is not a helicopter. To the naked eye, it appeared to be a cluster of very bright orbs.The orbs in the middle were further apart. On the outside of the orbs there were red and indigo colored lights. I say indigo because the color sometimes looked blue and other times looked purple to me. These additional lights along the sides gave the "UFO" object a bit of a saucer shape.

The red and indigo lights pulsated. The "UFO" object appeared to swell each time the lights pulsated. You will see in the video how this pulsing would cause my camera lens to try to refocus with each pulse. Over the 30 minutes, the "UFO" object slowly glided in different directions, up down side to side - but remained in the same general area of the sky. The movements were smooth, but they varied in direction. The "UFO" object would glide one direction for several minutes, then back. Then the opposite direction. It also moved up and back down again. I filmed the object for about 15 minutes.

In the morning, I gathered my family and showed them the video. We tried to think of any possible explanation for what I saw. It wasn't a plane or a helicopter. It wasn't a star. The only possible explanation was that it was a satellite. We did some research and found that satellites do not have blinking lights on them... none of them - except for the International Space Station, the ISS. But I put in our location into the ISS finder on the internet and the results indicate that the ISS is not visible from our location from Sept 16th to Sept 22nd. And even if it was, it is only visible for a few minutes - far less than the time I viewed the "UFO" object.

It is certainly possible that the sharp and distinct diamond shape in both videos results from the way the lens attempts to focus on the "UFO" object, but even when my camera was zoomed out it still reflected a basic bulging saucer shape that I could see with my naked eye. I went back outside the following night at the same time as last night, and there was no sign of the "UFO" object. What do YOU think it was?

Please View UFO Sightings over North Carolina Video Here

UFO Alien Experience Testimonies Dolly Indigo Star 10615


UFO Sightings|UFO News|UFO Video

UFO Alien Experience Testimonies Dolly Indigo Star

Published on Oct 5, 2015

One of the strengths of the Bases Project is to have raw testimonies from experience-rs and witnesses to just talk in public. 
In this very first public statement, Dolly Indigo Star came over a hundred and fifty miles to give this witness statement. Her life has changed a great deal, and it takes a great courage for witnesses to stand up on a stage and speak their truth. Usually reserved for the micro-conference events, such as 'Bases at The Barge'. For instance Max Spiers and Sarah Adams gave their 2nd ever public witness statement on Day 3. It is easy to ridicule these events , which is why their courage to make a permanent record of their experience is so important. Meeting the public for the first time. View UFO Alien Experience Video here

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