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Grey Aliens & Magickal Rituals 72714


New York UFO News 2014: Grey Aliens & Magickal RitualsIn a highly controversial interview Max Spiers discusses the Music Industry ,and its now publicly known satanic and ritual;magic connections. Max is from a prominent English acting, long established family,and discusses how you get famous, Max cautions against painting "All" but clearly shows that bargains with demonic types of beings are made, "if you want to get on" The Music Industry is simply one huge satanic cult.. "if you want to get on" But again "all" being big a word. Recorded during a heavy rain shower. Its gets a bit dark in places. Reference is made to one of Casbolt's lists, and the tragic death of a music industry figure's daughter. Held is s conversation style, Max says a lot.

Dalai Lama Speaks About UFO Aliens contact 72714


New York UFO News 2014: What Does the Dalai Lama have to Say About UFO Aliens Contact: Their are a large cross section of the world's population that believe the universe is inhabited with intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations with more & less intelligent's then the human race. Many also believe Alien Extraterrestrials have in the past and is in the present interacting with the human race. Research into this UFO Alien contact with us and our planet supports the claims that we have been visited and continue to be visited in unprecedented occurrences.The overwhelming evidence that supports the claims of  UFO Alien contact are from official documentation from various sources as Government Disclosures, UFO Researchers, three letter agencies and more. There are statements made by high level Government officials, Military personnel, NASA Astronauts & Russian Cosmonauts and Political Personnel and also the abundant filed claims of  UFO Alien direct contact made by average worldwide citizens.


UFO News 2014 Arthur C Clark Futurism 1960 72614


New York UFO News 2014: Arthur C. Clark A Vision of the Future 1960: The late great Sir Arthur C. Clarke Science Fiction author inventor and Futurist seems to have been speaking these words for a clip produced for the purpose of  being played much later like a video time capsule: "If what I say now seems to be very reasonable, then I will have failed completely. Only if what I tell appears absolutely unreasonable have we any chance of visualizing the future as it really will happen." I guess he failed completely because everything he says here has either come to pass or is quickly in the process of doing so.

UFO Sighting of Orb Bursting Midair Murrysville PA 72514


New York UFO News: UFO Sighting of Orb Bursting in Midair Over Murrysville PA on July.24,2014 captured on video 9:30 PM. The following video description reads as follows: Another weather balloon? I don't think so. How many weather balloons would happen to come directly over my home, explode, divide into many orbs, and then move upward in the atmosphere until they cannot be seen?

Strange Shaped UFO Sighting Video Milan Italy 72514


New York UFO: Strange Shaped UFO Sighting captured on Video Over Cinisello Balsamo Milan Italy on May.24.2012 and published today July.25.2014. The UFO in this video continue's to change shape as it glides across the the daytime sky over Milan the object appears to have a light source. We must give credit to Antonio Urzi for uploading this UFO Video


New UFO Sighting Video Guadalajara Mexico


New York UFO: New UFO Sighting Video Over Guadalajara Mexico in this video we see what appears to be a multi colored balloon at first then as the video footage continues this Unidentified Flying Object "UFO" changes from a circular shaped object to a six sided object with a circular hole in it's center changing constantly in shape as it maneuvers in the sky.Second Video of this strange object, which is related Previous UFO Video In Guadalajara.



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