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UFO Aliens Ancient Inca Sites 12815


New York UFO News 2015: UFO Aliens? Ancient Inca Sites Thanks to new quadcopter technology with HD video I can now make videos which show more of ancient sites in Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and beyond with greater visual appeal and detail

Recent UFO Sightings Naples Italy 12815


New York UFO sightings News 2015:  

Published on Jan 27, 2015

A super bright starship has been caught on video over the famous city of Naples in Italy. At an approx altitude of over 30k ft the ship cruises along the sky glowing an intense white, the cameraman zooms in and as you could see it is no aircraft of any nature neither is it the ISS. UFODI published this a while back but I thought its time to share the video again as its one of our most unusual sightings during bright hours.

Latest UFO Sightings Over New York City 12815


New York UFO Sightings News 2015: 

Published on Jan 27, 2015

Amazing daytime UFO sighting of a cigar UFO moving at will over the city of New York and one witness had a camera to prove it was intelligent in nature.

Anunnaki Temples Telluric Pluses 12715


New York UFO News 2015:  


Excerpt from “Anunnaki: Gods No More” by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D.

After the Deluge of 9703 BCE, the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru, other "Alien" extraterrestrials and then the ancestors of humanity on every continent built megalithic–big rock–sites on Earth’s ley lines–oscillating telepathic internet  fields called telluric currents where all who worship fuse their consciousness into one group mind and can communicate with people and their knowledge at other megalithic sites.

A crew of Anunnaki--the Seven Followers of Horus,The Shining Ones--selected sites above or near water, such as those along fault lines, where there are powerful magnetic fluctuations. “When the telluric current is located over water, it moves in a spiral and induces a corresponding charge in the water and produces a corresponding effect in the human body, stimulates the iron in the blood and the millions of particles of magnetite suspended inside the human skull.

Fluctuations in the local electromagnetic field influence awareness through the pineal gland, which can lead to visions and altered states.” You get info from other levels of reality. Silva says, you “transfigure your soul.

"Giant telluric waves, undulating vertically and linked to the geomagnetic field of Earth, create a network of crisscrossing lines all around the planet.” Anunnaki put their structures where lines crisscross.

Sacred sites’ “exact place of veneration is located in a spot where the geomagnetic field is more pronounced, accessed by a “spirit road, a telluric current–electromagnetic pathways that flow across the face of the Earth. Sacred sites are connected to one another through common narratives, myths and folklore. All share accurate triangles.”

People communing at the sites fly astrally. They’re “sent flying by an electromagnetic charge in quartz or magnetite, touching it or grounded in its energy. The local magnetic field is drawn like a whirlpool into the center of the temple. Stones store and direct the flow of terrestrial energy. ”

Meditate at a sacred site, tap into the power of the world-wide grid and amplify your psychic abilities and spiritual consciousness and you can feel this energy and commune with your ancestors from the stars directly.

The builders marked crossing points with temples and standing stones. Elongated shapes–mehir, steeples or towers) acted as antennae, attracted “cosmo telluric waves” that continue to flow through the worldwide network.

“Tens of thousands of sacred sites still stand in just about every country on Earth. These sites share colossal stones, often hauled from hundreds of miles away, aligned to the heliacal rising of specific stars and mirror entire constellations, compute with regularity the solar and lunar calendars, solstices and equinoxes. They were built to last into an age when humanity would lose its connection with the divine. These temples were places where the individual could be transformed into a god. Their purpose was self-realization of the individual through the transfiguration of the soul.”

“These cosmo-telluric lines” let the Anunnaki, other ETs on Earth and our ancestors “gather a whole body of knowledge.” Hardy contends we can, at these sites, “trigger a shift to a heightened and more spiritual state of consciousness.” Though the ETs choose the sites, our ancestors in every era and on every land anchored them with stones and buildings. Once fixed, our forefathers’ reinforced the broadcasting power when they prayed at the sites. Our genitors experienced “planetary consciousness when they did rituals at the big-stone sites,” and so, Hardy says, can you, when you meditate at a Megalithic temple.

Get more of the story and see how CARNAC, FRANCE’s megalith array transforms telluric waves; click…/anunnaki-temples-magnify-telluric-…/

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