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                                                          UFO SIGHTINGS|UFO NEWS 2014

New York UFO We Investigate The Truth Of Alleged UFO Alien Sightings Being Reported Worldwide:


Latest UFO News 2014 Featured Video

Extraterrestrial Flying Objects Spain Sightings 103014


New York UFO News Sightings 2014: 

Extraterrestrial Flying Objects EFOs (UFOs / OVNI)
over Denia/Spain in October 2014
Sighting from 7. October 2014 at 21:50 hour

Photos & Video Compilation Of The Observation and Analysis

Witnesses of UFO sighting Gracjana & Peter Janoschka in Harmony-Center/Denia

All images were taken with tripod.

More information about UFOs / OVNI in Denia can be found at:

...or look for videos here on Youtube - Channel from

The awakening has begun, changes happen, evolution continues.
Were are not alone on this jurney...
Many thanks to the friends and helpers from higher Dimensions.

Photos & Video: Gracjana and Peter Janoschka
Analysis & Production by Media & Graphic - Waldemar Czarnetzki-Cologne

NASA Anyares Rocket Launch Explosion 102914


New York UFO News 2014: An unmanned Antares rocket was launched 6:22 EST from the Virginia Coast to deliver goods to the International Space Station. However, a few seconds after lift-off, the bottom of the rocket got caught up into flames, following the descent of the craft back to the ground and an enormous explosion when it hit the pad. "There is no indication there are any personnel in danger," it was announced during NASA's livestream.

Pascagoula UFO Alien Abduction Video 102714


New York UFO News 2014: 

The Pascagoula UFO Alien Abduction Incident
October 11, 1973
Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States

The Pascagoula Incident involved two men, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker and forty-two-year old Charles Hickson, both of Gautier, Mississippi, who were fishing in the Pascagoula River when they heard a buzzing noise behind them. Both turned and were terrified to see a ten-foot-wide, eight-foot-high, glowing egg-shaped object UFO with blue lights at its front hovering just above the ground about forty feet from the river bank. A door appeared in the UFO object, and three strange Alien Beings floated just above the river towards them.

The Alien Beings had legs but did not use them. They were about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head. They had no eyes, grey, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw like hands.

Two of the Alien beings seized Hickson; when the third grabbed Parker, the teenager fainted with fright. Hickson claimed that when the Alien Beings placed their hands under his arms, his body became numb, and that then they floated him into a brightly lit room in the UFO's interior, where he was subjected to a medical examination with an eye like device which, like Hickson himself, was floating in mid-air.

At the end of the examination, the Alien Beings simply left Hickson floating, paralyzed but for his eyes, and went to examine Parker, who, Hickson believed was in another room. Twenty minutes after Hickson had first observed the UFO, he was floated back outside and released. He found Parker weeping and praying on the ground near him. Moments later, the object rose straight up and shot out of site.

Expecting only ridicule if they were to tell anyone what had happened, Hickson and Parker initially decided to keep quiet; but then, because the government might want, or ought, to know about it, they telephoned Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi.
The local press reported their tale and within several days the Pascagoula Encounter was major news all over the country.

The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) sent professor James Harder to Mississippi to investigate; J. Allen Hynek, representing the Air Force, also arrived. Together they interviews the witnesses. Harder hypnotized Hickson but had to terminate the session when Hickson became too frightened to continue.

Hickson and Parker both subsequently passed lie detector tests. Hynek and Harder believed the two men's story. And Hynek was later quoted as saying "There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial".


UFO News Boyd Bushman Last Video Interview 102714


New York UFO Sightings News 2014:  Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas. Boyd was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned over forty years, was awarded many patents, and included work with defense contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin.


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