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1969 UFO Alien Sightings The Great Barrington Encounter 

Alleged UFO abduction commemorated with a monument in Massachusetts Posted by: Alejandro Rojas August 27, 2015 0 Earlier this year the Great Barrington Historical Society & Museum has recently inducted an alleged UFO Sighting and Alien Abduction incident of 1969. A coalition of witnesses to this UFO Alien encounter incident erected a stone monument to commemorate the site of the nation's first Off World UFO Alien incident. credit Alejandro Rojas. 

UFO Alien Sightings 1980 Rendlesham Forrest Incident Interview 82815


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UFO Alien Sightings 1980 Rendlesham Forrest Incident Interview 

Published on Aug 27, 2015 The following video description reads as follows:

this may or may not shit some folk up a bit, I do not know. but heres a segment (theres two hrs worth, but this is cut down) of what was at the time i was listening, a live radio interview with Adrian Bustinza who was one of the main witnesses to the alien craft landing at Rendlesham Forrest in 1980. this was his first public interview 35 years after the event at Rendelsham, he talks about the aliens he saw and his side of the event along with Larry Warren who is another witness who was there with Sgt. Bustinza that night.
a reminder folks....Aliens ARE real, UFO's ARE real and the government plot to cover-up and conceal the truth about them IS real, and it most certainly is NOT a joking matter. these people suffered radiation damage from it...EM radiation, their medical records are classified and with the NSA. plus according to the Airforce some of these people never served with them and on occasion like Larry Warren, they never existed/never born. this is the stuff colonel halt is trying to quash, he only tells half the story, only that a craft thats either extraterrestrial or dimensional landed/flew over Rendlesham Forrest. What he wont say is HE was involved in communicating with the beings and knows more !!! . the truth folks, pay attention, listen, learn & understand....THIS is your future whether you like it or not !!. and yes, the photo used in the video is the alien craft taken unknowingly by Larry warren only hours before he saw it landed at Capel Green, what he was taking a photo of was an A10 plane landing but as you can see he got more than he bargained for. with thanks to Sgt. John Burroughs & Linda Howe (show hosts, john also witnessed the events on night 1 & 3), Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, Larry warren (SP/security police) and Sgt. smith for bringing us the truth of the events of DEC 1980, also for pissing on colonel halts disinformation  & slagging off tirade. 

Please listen to the audio video interview UFO Aliens Sightings Rendlesham Forrest here

UFO Sightings the Denial of Quality UFO Photo & UFO Video 82715


NY UFO Sightings|UFO News|UFO Video 2015

UFO Sightings the Denial of Quality UFO Photo & UFO Video

Joseph Burkes MD

For over 20 years I have witnessed numerous UFOs in the course of fieldwork with various contactee groups. Twenty-one years ago in the fall of 1994 UFO intelligence revealed to me the mechanism by which they create “hologram” like visual displays with anomalous “shooting stars” that were linked to consciousness. These displays appeared repeatedly on request in the exact same spot.

Each individual sighting of what was thought at first to be just a “meteor” had the exactly the same characteristics as the previous “shooting star.” Not only was their location in the sky identical, but they also had the same brightness, color, duration, angle of descent and length of trail. Amazingly each stereotypic visual display occurred seconds after we made the verbal request for them to appear. If UFO intelligence can create stereotypic illusions of “shooting stars,” then what we call “flying saucers” might also be “holographic” like projections. The significance of this proposition should not be underestimated.

What I suggesting is that the entire belief system based on the ET hypothesis for UFOs is being facilitated by the same mechanism. Some flying saucers rather than being understood exclusively as “objects” would be better described sometimes as technologically mediated illusions. This explanation is part of what I call the “Virtual Experience Hypothesis.

Despite raising the specter that some sightings of UFOs are illusions, I have no doubt flying saucers can be very physical and likely represent craft manufactured by an advanced non-human technology. 

Consider the following

UFOs can be picked up on multiple radar devices while being seen by multiple witnesses.

They can trigger undeniable physical effects such as causing a large aircraft to shake violently when UFOs rapidly pass by at very close range.

I repeat, please understand I am not saying that all flying saucers are anomalous visual displays created by UFO intelligence. I am asserting that some are physical objects, presumably “craft” and others, perhaps even most, are illusions. In my experience it is difficult for most observers to tell the difference between the two.

Although some sightings are physical objects, nevertheless the Steven Spielberg “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” types of images are seldom if ever videotaped by UFO witnesses. If such events are recorded, CGI technology for many puts their authenticity into question.

It seems to me that the intelligence responsible for UFOs does not allow quality videos to be obtained except under perhaps the most unusual circumstances. Why is this so?

I worked with Dr Greer’s Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence from 1992 to 1998. For over five years I was the coordinator of a Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind contact team in Southern California. I also did fieldwork with the Hispanic contactee network called “Rama” in 1995. 2004, 2006 and 2009.

During many of our field investigations we had dramatic UFO sightings, but the quality video documentation that we wanted to promote our contact work, recruit new activists and effectively silence the self-styled debunkers and media shrills, was denied us again and again.


From 1992 to 1994 four major encounters took place involving Dr Greer’s investigative teams. In only one of these events was quality videos obtained. This was in Gulf Breeze Florida in March of 1992 when two independent video photographers filmed three or four saucer shaped UFOs. Regular photographs using film were acquired during that amazing encounter as well. There were over 40 witnesses present.



In July of 1992 a large brilliantly illuminated disc shaped craft approached Dr Greer’s team in the crop circle region of Southern England. It only did so however while a strong rainstorm was taking place that prevented photographic documentation. This highly significant encounter was showcased on an episode of the Fox TV show “Sightings” that aired in January of 1993. On that episode two of the witnesses present described the signaling that occurred between a large disc hovering in a field and Dr Greer’s team. There were three witnesses to this event, but again no video.


In Mexico at the base of Popocatepetl Volcano I was present on Feb 1, 1993 when a large triangular shaped UFO signaled with powerful lights at the CSETI team at it distance of less than three hundred meters. Suddenly all the camera equipment stopped functioning. This included a video camera, a 35 mm SLR camera, and a spring activated “Brownie” inexpensive type of camera. As soon as the UFO departed and disappeared behind the volcano, all cameras functioned normally. There were five witnesses present but no objective documentation of the event was obtained. 


SIn December of 1994 in Los Mitres Mountains of Northern Mexico a CSETI team witnessed a large saucer sitting on the side of a mountain. It was so close that the witnesses were reportedly able to see humanoid beings move along the outside of the craft. However the encounter was only able to reach this high level of contact after the CSETI leader Dr Greer and his assistant Ms Shari Adamiak agreed not to film the encounter. This took place allegedly after their receiving telepathic communication from UFO intelligence requesting that no photography should be attempted. There were five witnesses present and no photographic documentation was obtained.



This historic record of lost opportunities indicates that the intelligence responsible for the UFO phenomenon does not readily cooperate with investigators to obtain quality objective electronic video and still film documentation during close encounters. In my opinion this is especially vexing considering the presumably cooperative relationship that contact networks have with UFO intelligence. Why is this so?

Decades of speculative deliberation have come up with a number of possible explanations. None are very satisfying. Here are a few.


UFO intelligence is following a long-term “master plan” that carefully modulates encounters only to a level that is most conducive for achieving their long-term objectives.

If convincing videos were made available with multiple credible witnesses present during the filming's, this might lead to a precipitous realization that mankind is not alone with devastating effects on the belief systems that hold our planet together.

Stock markets could crash. Fanatical new religions worshiping “space gods” might sprout up everywhere.

Fundamentalists might attack UFO experiencers as being the “Army of Satan. “ Militarists would call for trillions to be spent on space-based weapons to protect us from an “alien invasion” while enriching their corporate patrons.
This is just a short list.


The “ETs” themselves might represent races of beings that as individuals live several hundred years. What seems to us an agonizing delay in getting video documentation might be a very short time for them. For all we know “they” the so-called “extraterrestrial visitors” have been here for thousands of years watching us and slowly revealing their presence in a gradual fashion.

In conclusion UFO observers, both the first time witness and long term experiencers, whether they be “contactees” or abductees,” are being denied quality video of their encounters. This is because UFO intelligence has in my opinion deliberately prevented us from doing so, perhaps for some of the reasons discussed above.

This state of affairs in my view is not set in stone. Despite the challenges for both novice UFO witnesses and those who have been singled out for repeated sightings as “experiencers,” efforts to obtain quality video documentations of flying saucers must go on.

The possibility exists that at some time in the not too distant future, UFO Intelligence will ratchet up the level of interactions with humanity. Under improved conditions for communication and contact, they might be willing to grant us opportunities for obtaining quality videos of UFOs.


Imagine the following scenario. In an attempt to break the media “UFO truth embargo,” dozens of contact teams plan a world wide interactive event. Of course this can only be attempted with the strong support of flying saucer intelligence. Contact activists could conceivably send an invitation to ETs whose appearance is requested at designated fieldwork sites around the globe. Once on location the saucers would then allow themselves to be filmed and via Internet steaming video the whole world might have at opportunity to see it all happen live.

“This is Impossible!” one might say. For now indeed it is impossible. But in a decade or perhaps in a generation, what seems like a wild scenario could become reality. To get this level of cooperation between UFO intelligence and those contact activists that are engaging what are most likely extraterrestrials,” there will have to be far more openness and equality in the human/non-human relationship. This is a goal of the international network of contactees that I have called the “Contact Underground.”


My advice to my fellow UFO enthusiasts is that we will just have to be patient. Advances are being made in terms of less expensive quality night vision equipment as well as devices that might allow easier live uplinks to the Internet. These advancing technologies could be used by contact activists in cooperation with UFO Intelligence to stage a series of live “People’s Disclosure “ events as described above.

This is important because the UFO presence, especially if it turns out to be ET in nature, in my opinion threatens “the powers that be.” This includes the military, economic and political establishments of our planet. I believe that their opposition to acknowledging the reality of UFOs makes impossible both any official investigation of the phenomenon or the “authorities” being able to successfully achieve meaningful communication with UFO intelligence.


In a certain sense it is the responsibility of the people of this planet to develop a sustainable and more open relationship with the any extraterrestrials that are present here on Earth. In my judgment this will be achieved without any authority granting us “permission” to do so. As one who for over twenty years has promoted human initiated contact, I believe that forging this kind of peaceful and cooperative relationship is humanity’s birthright. No power on Earth should try stopping us from achieving this just and noble goal.

UFO Disclosure 2015: Bases Project Film Festival 82515


NY UFO Sightings|UFO News|UFO Video 2015

UFO Disclosure 2015 Bases Project Film Festival 2015 

Published on Aug 25, 2015

The Bases Project International Conference and Film Festival 2015 Awards show, with the 3 Award winners and their runners up.
A brilliant series of creative and brilliant submissions. Thanks to you all! 
All works supplied for edit and viewing by agreement. All contributors retain all related copyrights as required. All copyrights retained be festival submissions. Thanks to all who took part and helped in the Festival preparations and edits. Highly controversial subjects engaged. Full Bases edits of the speakers at megawatts1066 on YouTube. Uploaded with donations expected at Bases requires donations for research and creative works to continue if you feel OK with this.


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