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New York UFO:

There are many intentional UFO Sightings forgeries. Other physical evidence such as falling debris from the sky or crashed UFOs have turned out also to be terrestrial in nature and forgeries. From mistaken terrestrial phenomena to personal gain to misleading the facts of UFO Sightings the Unidentified Flying Object phenomena has been denied and not taken seriously by the majority of the general public and the main stream media. Their are many cases where citizens without seeking publicity or personal gain have had sightings of bizarre aerial lights and or UFOs displaying non-conventional maneuvers who have come forward and reported their experience. Once a person has had a encounter with something beyond every day reality the experience is truly an awe inspiring experience.To further enhance an encounter our mind tries to discern between terrestrial or extraterrestrial in nature to distinguish between science fiction from modern technology. When failing to recognize and analyze such an enigma we seek and search for answers. To approach this subject one must look beyond the dogma belief views and consensus reality to face this enigma freshly with personal objectiveness flavored with some skepticism trying to create a balance between honestly and truth we may hope to bring this enigma to the forefront of Public Awareness. NYUFO seeks to find such an answer as to what is being sighted and where these strange Unidentified Flying Objects originate. Thank You for your support.

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Join us here at New York UFO as we search for the truth of alleged UFO Sightings making UFO News: Have you come in contact with an Unidentified Flying Object you can not explain and would like to report your experience?  Here at New York UFO we welcome and urge people to come forward & report their experience in doing so we will find the Truth. New York UFO has always been a non profit free news related website & we continue to appreciate your support in Liken US & Sharing US Thank You.

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Interstellar Starships 2014

UFO Orb Sightings over Germany 42314


New York UFO: Here we have a UFO Orb Sightings video coming too us from Solingen Germany. In this day time sighting we see Orbs interacting and maneuvering within clouds.

Rare Daylight UFO Sightings Over Vancouver 42214


New York UFO: Rare Daylight UFO Sightings captured on multi sensor cameras: 

"At 5 p.m. Pacific Time on April 14, 2014, local residents and videographers witnessed a spectacular daylight UFO display that was captured by two video cameras featuring six independent imaging sensors in a neighborhood described as a UFO corridor near Vancouver City Hall. The presence of multiple witnesses along with redundant instrumentation utilized in documenting this event challenges improbable skeptical notions of video resulting from all sensors failing in the same way at the same time to produce UFO-like camera artifacts."

"An independent four-year study utilizing redundant multi-sensor camera arrays has established the UFO Canyon as a superb location for UFO sightings and bidirectional physical communications engaging their intelligent operators. Canyon captures included a UFO that displayed numerous intermittent bright flashes of light in night vision and color video as well as a UFO that appeared to interact with an illuminator while strobing intermittently captured in night vision video using the Pulsar Recon X550 digital night vision monocular attached to a portable digital video recorder."

"A key lesson gathered from participants in the spring 2014 road trip considers the immeasurable value offered by live facilitators who provide access to locations, facilities, resources and live UFO contact. Canadian contactee and experiencer Les Murzsa has proven to be an extraordinary facilitator in this capacity with a number of reports featured in this column outlining his demonstrated precognitive dreams that have informed camera operators where and when to anticipate UFO flybys for recording purposes." Special Thankx to our friend Jon Kelly for this UFO Sightings Article

UFO Aliens Sightings in Pine Bush New York 42114


New York UFO: The Hudson Valley and Pine Bush (New York State) the center of the UFO activity! Weekly UFO sightings. 25 years, 10000 sightings. Triangle, quadrangle, diamond, manta ray and boomerang shaped UFOs. Unique UFO videos and photos!!! A unique UFO hot spot in the Hudson Valley:

UFO Capturing Method 100% Guaranteed 42114


New York UFO: Ever wonder how you can have your own UFO Sightings and capture what you see on video well the wondering is over please read the following video description UFO hunting procedure 100% guaranteed:This procedure is for clear daylight time, the sun needs to be shinning. Anyway the level of details that you will get from these objects in daylight will be near impossible to get at night.
What you need:
1- Spotter/Finder/Detection system.
This could be any of the following or a combination of these:
a.0) Naked eye. If you are patient and persistent, that is our best equipment.
a) zooming binoculars with red filters
b) HD camcorder with high optical zoom(60x minimum) with 950nm IR pass filter with "night shot" option
c) Motorized zoom lens( with a maximal 100mm minimum ) with a modified security camera( IR cut-off filter removed ) with 950nm IR pass filter.
2- High Zooming system for identification and close-ups footage/picture.
This could be any of the following:
a) A HD camcorder with high optical zoom, 60x minimum
b) A digital camera with telephoto lens, 300mm minimum, the canon sx50 is a good candidate.
c) If you use motorized lens as spotter, the perfect high zooming option is to place the camera with the telephoto lens, or telescope aligned and centered with the motorized lens, that will allow you to search for these objects, zoom in with the motorized lens and then place the object of interest on the motorized lens camera view center, that way you will have automatically a close-up view of the object of interest, that is the procedure that I use and it is very effective.
Once that you have located an object of interest with the Finder System you can now try to get a close-up footage/picture of it using the High Zooming system.
3- A Mirror, of 12 inches by 20 inches at least, the bigger this mirror the better, this will be used to "signal" these objects.
You can just send mirror reflections in a particular area of the sky, any sequence will work, I sent "prime numbers", following the idea from the Movie Contact. After a while of you doing that, if you are patient, you will start to see reflections coming back at you from that section of the sky. The objects are already there, waiting for you. That is it, as simple as that.Now it is up to you to do it and see it for yourself.



New UFO Sightings Canada 42114


New York UFO: April 21, 2014 UFO Sightings Report with Darin Crapo - Examine some of the most recent New UFO sightings from Canada & around the planet.


Latest UFO Sightings for 2014 42114


New York UFO: Here we have a latest UFO Sightings Video showing several different UFO Sightings that were observed and captured on video by different eye witnesses and reported to the MUFON Case Management System or CSM for 2014. 


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