Photo Four Aliens Appear From UFO UK 101913


New York UFO:  "Amazing photo taken by Simon Anderson at Goodwood Hill in Chichester United Kingdom"

By James Casbolt

"Photo shows a sphere type UFO craft land and a beam of light come from the craft onto the floor. 4 creatures over 12 feet tall then descend from beam onto the ground and walk off to the left. "Notice the creatures have horns on their heads. This fits the description of the awesome Aliens life-forms known by the NSA as 'Draconian Raptors'. "I personally know the man who took the photo and can vouch 100% for it's authenticity. "Turning up the brightness on screen will help to see Aliens"Upon asking James if anything else occured with the aliens that his friend may have reported to him, he said:He is very secretive about what actually went on that night."He had a longe range camera and is very far away ( I'm sure distance ).
"Him and his girlfriend taken out of their van whe driving at night after this and Simon was taken to TRAPDOOR NSA underground facility in Wales by helicopter after this. "TRAPDOOR is a bio-genetics facility simillair to Dulce."

UFO Aliens Photo UK 


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