Berks County PA UFO Sightings Disk 32312


New York UFO: March.23.2012 Sorry for the language! Mutual UFO Network Case 36648 is still under investigation. Witness statement: "Pretty much we pulled up to the stop light I look up at those lights and was in shock I asked my dad to look and I said "is that what I think it is" and he looked and said omg lol I then look in the back seat and asked my sister to look and she said omg and I pulled out my phone and started recording and she took out her iPod and took a picture. The craft basically hovered there for about 40 seconds then just disappeared It look MUCH bigger than the camera shows it. It took up the whole top right of the windshield Which made it stick out so much there where more lights than the camera picked up it was weird there were around 4-5 little lights below those main ones in the video that turn in a faster way. attached is this picture taken by my sister."