Latest UFO Sightings Australia 120613


New York UFO: Latest UFO Sightings Australia 120613: A resident of Mt.Annan reported seeing Several Unidentified Flying Objects "UFOs"  flying over her home in Camden Australia on December.1.2013. The witness states that the UFOs were maneuvering very high in the night sky to be any type of helicopter and the shape of the UFOs were distinctly round suggesting that it was not a plane. The UFOs glided very quickly producing no sound what so ever. The witness continues to state that the first UFO appeared to be a glowing green in color and disk shape of it was prominent. Watching the UFO amazed as the UFO continued to travel from Campbelltown directly over the Cascades then towards Camden. The speed of the UFO was slow enough to watch it the entire time it traveled across the sky never losing it's color or glow producing a constant speed. The UFO witness also states that following about 5 min later another UFO appeared but was smaller in size and white in color although travelling in the same directional route.

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