New UFO Sightings Okinawa Japan 12914


New York UFO: New UFO Sightings Naha Okinawa Japan 12314 the UFO Video description reads as follows At around 9 pm on the 23rd, orange lights, about 10 of them had been seen floating around in the Naha sky; multiple reports of sightings were received at this newspaper. Experts said, "That the lights were not considered to astronomical phenomena." According to one witness, most of the lights appeared in the sky near Naha Port in the town of Naha Tondo; they repeatedly move up and down left and right, about 15 minutes later they were all gone. According to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, they don't have any information on the mystery lights. "Self-Defense Forces' aircraft did not fly at that time"; all training flights took place before 19:20 the same day.