UFO Sightings Video over Northern Illinois 22312


New York UFO: Recent UFO News Sightings comes to us from Northern Illinois on Feb.5.2012 A UFO witness was taken his dog in from the backyard of his residence when he noticed this strange light hovering in the Northern Sky towards the IL/WI border and grabbed his Hi-def cam to video record this strange UFO. He and his son captured this Sighting as it happened. The UFO did not appear to be any aircraft that he has ever seen. About 10 minutes after shooting this UFO Video the light object was gone. He would be interested if anyone else seen this UFO that night?


Saw something very similar in Sydney late 2011, in the sky above Manly midnight.Tried to distinguish it but the shape just kept on changing, I had a cheap pair of binoculars, seemed very weird