UFO Sightings Rectangular Tennessee 41312


New York UFO: UFO News: Tennessee UFO Sighting witness in Anderson County reports watching a silent "Black Rectangular UFO" hovering near the tree line with one large light at what appeared to be the front of the UFO and 6-8 smaller lights towards the back of craft. according to April 11,2012 testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness UFO reporting Center. The Tennessee UFO witness continues to say that the UFO moved really really slow and sometimes appeared to be swaying. The lights blinked pulsed and changed colors from Red-Yellow-White-Green. It looked like to be about the size of several football fields in length. The UFO seemed to be descending as it moved away.

I just read the description of the rectangle craft from the report , the black rectangle New York 2012.

I live in Pittsburgh PA. and in the later part of August 2008 my wife, Daughter and myself were hanging out in a big Hammock in our back yard. we were talking and enjoying the last days of summer I was looking up at out huge locust trees and to my shock and amazement a huge white rectangular object was moving over the tree line without making a sound it moved almost as if it was on a track I thought that it would pass over our house so I ran to the front street but it was not where it should have been in fact it was gone. I called to my wife did you see where the thing went an she came around to the front of the house and told me that it shot straight up and became a speck in the sky in a mater of a couple of seconds.

Here is a description of the craft. The craft was roughly the size of a tractor trailer and I think the rectangle was about 500 feet in the air, it had a flat front witch was mat black the color was off white and it made no sound.