UFO Aliens Sightings in Nome Alaska 20512


UFO Sightings & Alien Abduction in Nome Alaska. Located about 2,000 miles north of Bray's Point, local UFO "watches" here feel a special kingship with those in Nome Alaska, because both places sit on the very edge of the continent and both sites have experienced a rash of Alien Abductions; with Nome now more famous thanks to real life imitating art with the recent release of the 2009 film "The Fourth Kind" that's set in real life Nome. The horror of an Alien close Encounter of the fourth kind experienced by people both here at Bray's Point and in mass up in Nome say those who've been Abducted by Alien non-human intelligences is memories so buried in one's mind that it creates another compartment in one's head.  This hidden current of memory about their Abduction is similar to a film rolling on; memories so vivid, so close that you don't dare to challenge them it's not true, explains Oregon UFO watcher Errol from his home at Bray's Point where he hosts those who feel the need to look for UFOs and remember unwillingly their Alien Close Encounter of a Fourth Kind. Continue to read UFO Sightings and Abduction in Nome Alaska is real life becoming art here.